24 Jan 2012

Play The CashFlow WebGame

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Robert Kiyosaki invented the CashFlow Game and you can play this game online with others.
If you knew the cashflow game before, you might be wondering why it took so long to make a software version of it. I remember reading from one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books where he said that wanted people to play together, interact and change ideas when playing the game.Perhaps the game is more effective when played with other people? But now you can play it online by yourself or with other people!

This is good news for people who are restricted by their time at work but want to learn more and improve their financial literacy. Cashflow the web game comes free of charge (at least for now) and you only have to register online to play, no need to install anything. Make sure you tell me when you go online so we can play together! :)


Cash Flow - The Web Game

Cash Flow - The Web Game

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