22 Jan 2012


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“When I worked with Henk it was always inspiring and no nonsense at the same time. What a fine business partner he is!
His charisma will take care for a podium with natural leadership. He is a very good listener and he say the right words to make a movement then.
He is very aware of his family, his son is everything to him, but he has also set high goals to grow his business and to contribute a lot to the world. Henk, I loved to work with you.”                  Miranda Kampers



“Henk is a real entrepreneur to the backbone. Henk taught me lot of running my own business during my time at Health City International. Henk is always looking for new possibilities, he is optimistic and  capable of strengthening the capabilities of other people that are working with him.”   Rob van den Broek


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  1. Cherif Cherano says:

    I have truly been blessed to work with Henk Sariman, he has done for me exactly what he promised- to help me work out what I really want, and what I really stand for, and then to give me the tools to go for it.
    This has been my first experience working with a professional leader and it has been a highly enjoyable, eye-opening and rewarding experience.
    Henk Sariman knows what real leadership is, he has an eye for opportunities and is a real business builder.
    No matter how successful you are, no matter how many great things are going on in your life, there’s always something that you can improve upon in your life. Henk Sariman can help you do that. He gave me the tools and now i can say i’m really achieving success.

  2. Samir M'barki says:

    I’ve met Henk as an honest entrepreneur, leader, teacher and friend. He has advised and supported me with important decisions in my life.

    - he has a strong character
    - he is always Focust
    - He is a brand builder
    - He has a big network and he is a good relationship builder
    - he knows exactly wich little things that counts in the entrepreneur world.

    If you ask me me wether it is worthwhile to cooperate with Henk? The answer is: Absolutely YES! It will be an exciting time with a lot of expirience, fun and challenges.

  3. Christian de Kok says:

    Henk is someone who has proven himself multiple times. He is a man of his word and is in a position that he can choose what challenge he would like to pick-up. His motto is that every business owner should be in that position.

    Henk, success with your mission to help people! Keep me posted.

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